Алькор (allkorr) wrote,

SW, матчасть.

Вопрос: Владение голокроном само по себе является преступлением по законам Республики, или нет?

Lundi writhed in his seat, trying to get free. Since that fateful night on Kodai he'd been tried for the crime of attempting to bring a great evil into active existence in the galaxy. Not only was he trying to obtain the Holocron, there was significant evidence that he'd intended to use it for evil purposes.

This was not a crime the Republic took lightly. Lundi himself had confessed to the crime. In fact, during the trial he'd boasted about momentarily having the Holocron in his hands. It wasn't easy to get his statement. His rants sometimes lasted days, ending only when the mad Quermian collapsed. Even then, after he'd been bound and put in a cell so that he couldn't hurt himself - or anyone else - he continued to twitch and mutter angrily in his sleep.
(The Followers by Jude Watson)


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    Отпраздновали!!! Спасибо всем огромное, очень приятно было увидеться. Всем космо-котиков!

  • С Праздником!!!

    Я знаю, что многие не любят Soviet March из Red Alert 3. Но этот клип лучше всех иллюстрирует вот это моё стихотворение: Из какого сора сложенный…

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